Best Snooker Tip Glue – Our Recommendations

Finding the best snooker tip glue shouldn’t be as difficult as you might first imagine.

Your first point of confusion might be whether you need specialist snooker tip glue that’s been made specifically for snooker cues, or if any old super glue will do the trick.

Well, the reason why searching Google for ‘snooker tip glue’ may only bring up a handful of results is that, in truth, there’s nothing particularly different or special about the glues and cements marketed specifically as ‘snooker tip glue’.

Does that mean you can use any super glue and get the same results?

Well, not quite…

The Best Snooker Tip Glue Needs To Be…

Putting a new tip on a snooker cue, isn’t difficult, but it does need to be performed correctly.

A badly glued cue tip will impact your game and may increase the likelihood of miscueing shots and damaging the tip.

You’ll also run the risk of the tip falling off completely when playing a shot!

That means there are four key things we look for when choosing a snooker cue tip glue:

Bonding Capabilities

Perhaps the single most important thing is how well the glue sticks to wood, brass and leather. That’s because the tip is most likely to be leather, and it needs to have a firm contact with both the wooden shaft of the cue, and the brass ferrule that protects it.

The glue, or cue tip cement, has to be able to bond equally as well with all three materials. If it doesn’t, there’s a greater chance of it falling off mid-play.

Setting Time

The best snooker cue tip glue or cement is one that sets quickly, but still gives you time to reposition the tip after application.

That’s because it can be a fiddly job and getting the tip centralised is an important part of the retipping process. If the glue sets too quickly, you won’t be able to reposition it perfectly.

If it dries too slow, you’ll be left holding it place for a long time, increasing the risk you inadvertently move it away from the centre.

The ideal setting time is around 30-60 seconds.

Snooker Cue Tip Setting Time

Application Method

We prefer gel super glue over runnier, more liquid alternatives. The reason being, it’s much easier to ensure the glue remains only between the tip and the end of the cue. The last thing you want is to have glue running unnoticed down the cue…. or worse still, sticking your hands to the cue!!

However, the way the glue is applied is also very important.

Some super glues come with quite large openings, making it difficult to do thin, precise applications.

That means you’ll need a glue with a fine application head so you stay in better control of where the glue ends up.

Tube Size

Ever been left frustrated by those tubes of super glue that looks great value but you can only use them once and then they seal themselves shut for the rest of eternity?

Yep, us too.

For that reason, it’s better to get small tubes of glue that provide enough glue to complete the retipping, but don’t leave you with a lot of waste.

Best Snooker Tip Glue: Bison Super Glue Gel

Bison Super Glue Gel


  • Sets within a minute
  • Gel consistency stops mess
  • Strong bond between wood, brass and leather


  • Small 3g ‘use once’ tube


The Bison super glue gel is one of the few specifically marketed towards sticking tips to snooker cues.

If you check the reviews, you’ll see there are a lot of people who have used it to retip a snooker cue and the reports are almost entirely positive.

We like it because it sets relatively quickly (around a minute) so you have plenty of time to readjust the tip to the perfect position. Sure, there are some faster glues around but we found them a little too fast so you end up rushing a bit.

Another plus point is that this is a true multi-purpose superglue. It really does stick most materials extremely well, creating a strong, long-lasting bond.

The description is honest about the fact it doesn’t work well with absorbent surfaces, but that won’t bother you if you’re primarily looking for snooker cue tip glue.

As the glue has a gel consistency, it’s easy to ensure you only get the glue where you want it. It’s not a messy glue to use at all.

That’s also helped by the thin nozzle that allows for precise control over where the glue is applied.

While it says it’s resealable, like most super glue, we find the tubes quickly seal themselves shut. However, that’s not too much of an issue as they are small 3g tubes that have plenty of glue to retip a cue and can then be disposed of (they are pretty cheap too).

Overall, this glue is ideal for using to retip a snooker cue and provides a strong bond that should stand the test of time. You’re more likely to find the tip ears out before the glue comes unstuck!

We have no hesitation in recommending it as the best snooker tip glue around.

Bison Super Glue Gel - 3g tube - ideal for snooker, pool, billiard cue retipping
960 Reviews
Bison Super Glue Gel - 3g tube - ideal for snooker, pool, billiard cue retipping
  • 1 x 6305573 Bison Super Glue. 3g tube with re-sealable cap.
  • Easy to use, non drip gel formula.
  • Instant Universal Adhesive .

Alternative Option: Tweeten’s Cue Tip Cement

Peradon Tweeten Cue Tip Cement


  • Recognised brand
  • Designed specifically for snooker


  • Not as strong as super glue
  • Takes up to 10 minutes to set


If, for some reason, our top pick doesn’t quite tick all the boxes for you, our alternative suggestion for the best snooker tip glue is Tweeten’s cement.

Made by the same people that make Elk Master cue tips, you know you’re getting a product that’s designed only with snooker in mind.

It’s a good strong cement and is easy to apply.

However, it does take up to 10 minutes to set. While this gives you plenty of time to readjust and set the tip perfectly, you will need to use a cue tip clamp to keep it place while it dries.

That immediately makes it slightly less appealing to us, but we appreciate the traditionalist may prefer to use the old school tip clamp method.

This cement isn’t quite as forgiving as our top pick either. If you don’t use quite enough cement, or you don’t clamp it tight enough and leave it on long enough, you won’t get strong adhesion. That’s evident by the number of reviews that mention the cement not keeping the tip in place for very long.

Still, it will do the job when used correctly. It’s as good as our top pick but it’s a worthy alternative.

You Might Also Need:

Buying the best snooker tip glue is only part of the process, retipping a cue means following a specific process for which you may need some extra tools.

Cue Tip Shaper

Once your new tip is securely attached to your cue, you’ll need to carefully reshape it to get the desired dome effect. This cue tip shaper will do the job perfect and is small enough to be slipped in your pocket for ‘mid-game repairs and touch ups.

eSynic Popular Snooker 3 in 1 Cue Tip Shaper Snooker Accessories kits Billiard Snooker Pool Cue Tip Shaper Snooker Cue Tips 3 in 1 Tool - -Shaper, Scuffer, Aerator
529 Reviews
eSynic Popular Snooker 3 in 1 Cue Tip Shaper Snooker Accessories kits Billiard Snooker Pool Cue Tip Shaper Snooker Cue Tips 3 in 1 Tool - -Shaper, Scuffer, Aerator
  • eSynic Professional 3 in 1 Snooker Cue Tip Shaper*----:This eSynic Multifunctional 3-In-1Tool that Shapes, Scuffs and Pokes Cue Tip, help you to Have Better Ball Control.
  • 100% Brand New & High Quality*----: This Snooker Cue Tips is Made of Stainless Steel,The Marked End to Give you Direction to Which End Performs which Action.
  • Smart Designed A*----:This Snooker Shape Part can Shape Tip to the Dome Curvature you Want, Lightly Scrape the Tip by Using a Rotation Motion

Wooden Cue Tip Clamp

If you’re using any type of glue or cement that takes more than a minute or two to set, you may find it difficult to hold the tip in firmly in place for the required amount of time. In this case, a tip clamp is the perfect accessory to stop aching fingers!

Cue Tip Clamp Kit, Wooden Cue Tip Clamp Repair Tool Kit Cue Tip Clamp Repair Accessories for Snooker Cues
70 Reviews
Cue Tip Clamp Kit, Wooden Cue Tip Clamp Repair Tool Kit Cue Tip Clamp Repair Accessories for Snooker Cues
  • Wood+Metal Material: Our wooden cue clip repair parts are made of qualified wood + metal materials, which have higher strength and hardness, and are durable and have a long service life, so you can buy and use with confidence.
  • Easy to Carry and Store: This billiard head wood repairer consists of a tip clip + coil file, designed to replace and polish cue tips, suitable for snooker cues 10MM and 11MM, and is lightweight, easy to carry and store.
  • Won't Damage the Club Tip: This wooden cue clip repair accessory can compress the cue while replacing the cue tip without damaging the cue tip, it is a professional durable pool accessory.

The Best Snooker Cue Tips

If you’re yet to choose your tip, check out our guide to the best snooker cue tips. We have covered everything from low-end, high value tips through to the very best money can buy!

Best Snooker Cue Tips UK

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now we have made quite clear what we consider to be the best snooker tip tip glue around, let’s cover some of the common questions we get asked…

What is the best glue for tips?

The best glue for sticking tips to snooker or pool cues is one which achieves a strong bond in under a minute. It’ll need to bond well with wood, brass, and leather, and it shouldn’t be too runny otherwise it’s hard to avoid drips.

You’ll also find a fine nozzle will help with accuracy. Beyond this, most types of super glue will work well – regardless of whether they are designed specifically for snooker cues or not.

How do you replace the glue on a cue tip?

The best way to replace the glue on a cue tip is to first completely remove the old tip then use a fine sandpaper to remove any leftover glue or residue.

Ensure the end of the cue and the brass ferrule are clean and in good condition, then apply a thin layer of glue to the end.

Carefully place the tip directly in the centre and press firmly until the glue has set.

Once completely dry, use a sharp knife and fine sandpaper to carefully remove the edges of the tip until it is flush with the ferrule.

Finally, use a cue tip shaper to achieve your desired tip shape and your new tip will be ready for chalk!

How long does cue tip cement take to dry?

This depends on the type of cue tip cement or glue you use. Cement will often take 10 minutes or more to set, super glue may only take 30-60 seconds.

However, both may take several hours to completely dry to the point you can commence the reshaping of the tip.

Best Snooker Cue Tip

What is the best snooker cue tip?

The best snooker cue tip for you depends on how seriously you’re taking the game. For many people, the balance of cost vs quality offered by brands such as Elk Master and Blue Diamond will make those brands the best tips.

For those playing the game more seriously, the quality offered by tips such as Century Pro and Kamui may make them the best tips despite the higher price.

We covered the pros and cons of various tips in our best snooker cue tips guide.

What are snooker tips made of?

Most snooker cue tips are made of leather, often pig leather.

However, you can also get more synthetic tip materials or even compressed chalk!

How long does a snooker tip last?

There are many variables that will influence how long a snooker cue tip lasts. For instance, a more premium tip may be expected to last longer than a cheaper quality tip.

Your style of play will also influence the longevity of your tip as the more power shots you play, the quicker your tip will wear out.

How well the tip has been attached to the cue, shaped, and then cared for throughout its life will also have an impact.

However, you should expect most snooker cue tips to last for around 80-150 hours of play.

The Best Snooker Cue Tip Glue

Bison Super Glue Gel - 3g tube - ideal for snooker, pool, billiard cue retipping
960 Reviews
Bison Super Glue Gel - 3g tube - ideal for snooker, pool, billiard cue retipping
  • 1 x 6305573 Bison Super Glue. 3g tube with re-sealable cap.
  • Easy to use, non drip gel formula.
  • Instant Universal Adhesive .