Snooker Angles Explained

Snooker Angles Explained

Working out snooker angles is one of those aspects of the game that a lot of people talk about, but few understand in any depth.  You may hear commentators or players at the snooker club talk about half-ball, quarter-ball or the 90-degree rule and wonder what, exactly, they are referring to. While some of these … Read more

5 Easy-To-Learn Snooker Aiming Techniques

Snooker Aiming Techniques

If you’re looking to improve your best break and get better at the game, knowing a few good snooker aiming techniques can make all the difference. When people think of aiming in snooker, they generally think about potting balls and getting potting angles correct. That’s a little narrow thinking since aiming is important for every … Read more

How To Get Good At Snooker – 5 Steps To Improve Fast

Ho To Get Good At Snooker

Foul and a miss. We’ve all been there. Snooker is such a difficult game, it can be incredibly frustrating at times. But knowing how to get good at snooker isn’t as straightforward as it seems. With most sports, practice makes perfect.  That’s 100% true for snooker too, but snooker is also a game of technique. … Read more